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luna island hotel
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Mangaroni, whose company has performed the maintenance at the Huntington for the past five years, continues to manage the property as negotiations with CALIF and Clifford Beers continue.Until Landmark makes good on the entire penalty — the company has already paid $600,000 — the parties involved are in a sort of holding pattern.Changing NeighborhoodThe Huntington Hotel largely caters to a transient, low-income community and has for years been a hub of crime and drug activity. Over the past decade, the dark purple structure has grown in even starker contrast with nearby portions of Main Street that have become popular residential and commercial blocks.“It’s horrible,” said Shahram Afshani, who developed the National City Tower Lofts at Eighth and Spring streets in 2008. “We have lost several residents because of it. The new owners really have to be very proactive in trying to clean up the building and making sure it stays clean.”
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